Missions at Calvin

In 1998 our mission committee established a mission statement for their work. It reads:

It is the goal of Calvin Presbyterian Church to support and promote Christ's Great Commission through evangelism and church planting, as well as short-term missions. These are to be Biblical, Reformed and Presbyterian beyond our community both in North American and around the world. It is our desire to promote personal involvement of the congregation with the mission efforts of the church, to inspire zeal for mission work, to promote hospitality to visiting missionaries, to promote communication with our missionaries on the field, and acquire an appreciation for their sacrifices.

Last night our mission committee voted to pursue a "partner" relationship with the MTW Thailand church planting team. This partnership will allow us to make significant steps towards fulfilling the missions vision of our mission committee and church. For us, this partnership will mean a number of things as it is developed over the next several years.

1) A commitment to support the team through prayer.

2) A commitment to support the team through sending laborers from within our church.

3) A commitment to support missionaries desiring to labor in Thailand.

4) A commitment to support the MTW Thailand team financially.

5) A commitment to sharpen the MTW Thailand team through counsel.

6) A commitment to the core values of the MTW Thailand team.

7) A commitment to learn with the Thailand team.

This partnership is an exciting step for us, and we are thankful for the clear vision of the MTW Thailand missionaries. As our partnership with the Thailand team grows, we hope to see our commitment to church-planting in unreached areas grow as well - and ultimately we hope to see Christ's name praised where he is not now known.

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