Study Leave

John 3:16After a bit of work this morning at the church, I'm off to the library this week for some study leave.  How thankful I am to serve a church that sees and understands the importance of a pastoral study leave.

While doing some searching for resources on prayer (the focus of my first week of study leave), I came across the following quote from Charles Spurgeon, commenting on 2 Timothy 4:13 where Paul is in prison and asking for his books:

How rebuked are they by the apostle! He is inspired, and yet he wants books! He has been preaching at least for thirty years, and yet he wants books! He had seen the Lord, and yet he wants books! He had had a wider experience than most men, and yet he wants books! He had been caught up into the third heaven, and had heard things which it was unlawful for a man to utter, yet he wants books! He had written the major part of the New Testament, and yet he wants books! The apostle says to Timothy and so he says to every preacher, "GIVE THYSELF UNTO READING."

What a wonderful call to pastoral study and reading.  Off I go!

Creative Commons License photo credit: evanden