"What god is Great Like Our God?" - Trembling in Fear and in Joy Before the Lord

One of the Scripture passages I've been working on memorizing recently is Psalm 77:13-14 in which the question is asked, "What god is great like our God?"  This question is answered by the Psalmist as he goes on to describe the greatness of the Lord.  One reason given why God is great - because even the waters are afraid of him and the deep trembles upon sight of him (Ps. 77:16). I have to admit, whenever I have an opportunity to stand at the ocean's edge I'm always struck by it's raw power.  Even the smallest of the ocean's waves is strong enough to carry me helplessly along, and the largest of its waves can bring absolute devastation.  The ocean is mighty and is rightly to be feared, but even "the deep" is not so mighty that it does not tremble before God.

If nothing else, the knowledge that even the ocean trembles before God causes me to tremble all the more before him, both in fear because his way is holy (Ps. 77:13) and in joy because in his might he has redeemed his people (Ps. 77:15).  What God is great like our God?