Newsweek Magazine on Gay Marriage and the Bible

Many of you will have seen the recent Newsweek cover story about the Bible and gay marriage, Our Mutual Joy (December 15, 2008).  The news story prompted tens of thousands of responses to the magazine.  One thoughtful response came from some of our own church members, and it is printed below. Other theologians have weighed in as well.  Rather than writing my own response, allow me to simply point you to a couple of excellent responses, one from Carl Trueman ( and one from Albert Mohler (

Dear Jonathan Meacham,

We believe that Lisa Miller misrepresents Bible texts in "The Religious Case for Gay Marriage."  First, Ms. Miller incorrectly assumes that becasue some Bible patriarchs acted wrongly, that we are justified in doing wrong as well.  Second, the Bible does define marriage to be between one man and one woman.  God instituted marriage between Adam and Eve.  Jesus reaffirmed this in Matthew 19:4-6.  Any sexual relationship outside of God's marriage plan is sinful, including premarital sex, adultery, and homosexuality.  Third, the Bible does not endorse slavery; in fact, God delivered the Israelites from slavery.  The Bible gave guidelines so that slaves would be treated humanely.  Martin Luther King's dream was rooted in the Bible.  Fourth, Ms. Miller says that because we no longer follow the Leviticus animal sacrifices, we can pick what parts of the Bible we want to follow.  However, those blood sacrifices pointed to Jesus' ultimate and conclusive sacrifice, and therefore, are no longer necessary.  I commend Newsweek for the "Mrs. Kramer vs Mrs. Kramer" article.  At least people can see the consequences of living outside of conventional marriage.

Thank you,

Gloria and William