Challenging Word from Michael Horton

I've been reading Horton's Christless Christianity. Good stuff - and challenging:

The challenge before us as Christian witnesses is whether we will offer Jesus Christ as the key to fulfilling our narcissistic preoccupation or as the Redeemer who liberates us from its guilt and power. Does Christ come to boost our ego or to crucify our ego and raise us up as new creatures with our identity in him...? I do not think this means that we simply write off the desire for fulfillment and happiness. The gospel neither meets our narcissistic goals nor denies the truth of which they are a perversion. People were created for meaning, purpose, joy, and fulfillment. As C.S. Lewis reminds us, it's not that our desires are too strong but that they are too weak. Whlie God wants to give us everlasting life, we settle for trivial satisfaction of superficial needs that are to a large extent created within us by the culture of marketing (pp. 33-34).