Honoring God at a Wedding

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending a friend's wedding.  It was a joyful celebration focused on honoring God throughout every aspect of the ceremony.  In the wedding bulletin the bride and groom explained their commitment to a God-centered ceremony with the following words:

We have taken seriously the charge to magnify the Lord in the worship and give a testimony to God's faithfulness to our marriage in the order of the ceremony. We acknowledge that worship ought to be biblical and God-honoring since the Old Testament acknowledges that no form or worship ought to be man-made or man honoring. God gave explicit instruction how to approach Him. In our modern world this is sometimes difficult to consider. We also believe that worship is done by man in ways that honor God; not the other way around. Worship must be skillful, genuine and beautiful, void of frail contemporary cultural expressions in emotional felicity.

With this in mind we have chiefly drawn on traditional styles of worship to honor God and reflect our belief in Him. We claim no creativity or improvisation, but simply conglomeration by arranging and expressing ways Christians have worshipped properly through the ages. Christianity is historical and time-tested. There is no better way to view worship than from the Bible and Christians in tradition.

We believe man best honors his Creator by worshipping seriously, beautifully and virtuously. A sense of true beauty is closely linked with worshipping a Holy God. Human achievement used to glorify God exemplifies both beauty and virtue. Worship and ways we approach God are distinctions Christians and unbelievers ought to consider and surely both can appreciate. The uniqueness of Christian worship is like no other religion.

All along we have dreamed that our wedding would reflect our Christian identity and the excellence and satisfaction worshipping a Holy God entails. We pray that we might be an adequate witness in worship to the beliefs Christians hold that it may foster an appreciation of beauty and thoughts about the challenge to be virtuous. Worship is, above all things considered, central to Christian identity.

As I read these words I can't help but pray and hope for more young couples within Christ's church who are likewise committed to honoring God in the details of weddings, marriages, and life in general.