Short-Term Missions: Blessing or Bane?

Well, admittedly it could be either.  Thankfully, however, MTW Thailand has established a short-term mission vision that benefits everyone involved.  Here's what the MTW Thailand team leader said in a recent ministry update:

Another missionary once asked whether short term teams were “blessings or a bane?” Overall we would say they have been a tremendous blessing both to those coming, those sending, and those on the receiving end. Our team has been blessed to receive a team of high school girls from Illiana Christian High School (Illinois). This team helped our team expand our ministry at the lower income Mahatthai community, helped lead an English camp, and helped build relationships on Ramkhamheng 2 campus. We have also had a group of interns from Belhaven College and Reformed Theological Seminary-Jackson here for two months. We have gone from a few people playing sports on campus to now having a weekly “exploring Christianity” group meeting. We have also seen University Christian Fellowship be established as a formal club on campus. We give God thanks for the way He moved this secular university to give financial support for our team to have a spiritual retreat for campus students this past month. Finally, we have received a team from Intown PCA and All Souls PCA in Atlanta that have come to help do outreach through the arts in our ministry area. Thank God with us for the safety and good health He provided for these teams. Pray that God may bring long- term workers here from these groups and expand His Kingdom here in Thailand through their ministry and witness.