From Around the Web...

Some interesting, fun, informative, challenging, and edifying links for a Tuesday:

  • Listen to Alistair Begg's powerful pleading to adopt a "two-kingdom" theology for the practical benefit of Christ's church (don't let the music fool you - this is excellent).[audio:]
  • Ask yourself if your spouse and family are idols - and consider how the church sometimes promotes a "picket fence" idolatry.
  • Listen to Derek Webb repent of just this sort of idolatry.
  • Consider with T. David Gordon why the decline of cultural Christianity in the West may be good... really good.
  • Take a seminary course from Covenant Theological Seminary's Worldwide Classroom.
  • Pray for the people of Thailand.
  • Watch, as John Lennox talks about the Christian use of the mind and the problems of anti-intellectualism.
  • Listen to recent episodes of The White Horse Inn, such as their excellent discussion on "Boredom and Entertainment."
  • Attend the Reformation Society of Pittsburgh conference, Mystery of the Kingdom.
  • Read a very thoughtful review of the new American Patriot's Bible.
  • Read John and Noel Piper talk about why they keep their children in worship and offer helpful practical suggests on how to make it work.