A Book on Parenting

Admittedly, I have never been too excited about the over-abundance of parenting books on the market.  Perhaps simply because there are so many - perhaps because so few of them address my personal parenting concerns and challenges - I don't know.  However, after reading the review of Gospel-Powered Parenting, by William Farley (published by P & R Publishing Co.), at challies.com, I am finally persuaded to pick up and read. I've not read the book yet, only the review, but to read the review is to catch a glimpse of a book that grounds our parenting in the power of the gospel.  And, in a world in which moralistic therapeutic deism dominates the religious minds of our children, isn't the gospel really what we need?

As a follow-up to his review, Tim Challies interviewed the author and that interview can be found here.