A Refreshing Ministry in the Political Arena

Every once in a long while, something worth paying attention to arrives amidst the mounds of unsolicited mail I receive at church.  Last week I was glad to come across a ministry I was previously unaware of called Capitol Ministries.   Capitol Ministries is an evangelistic ministry focused on the lawmakers in our national capitol and in numerous state capitols.  The ministry is refreshing (to me, at least) because they appear to be singularly focused on gospel proclamation.  Their first concern is for the hearts, lives, and salvation of politicians, and their means are thoroughly biblical.   A portion of the letter I received from their president, Ralph Drollinger, is below, and as you read it you will see what makes this ministry stand out as unique among evangelical works in the political arena.  The answer they offer is not combative rhetoric, new legislation, or quests for more political power.  Instead they offer the gospel, plain and simple, in all it's foolishness and God-given glory.

Earlier this year one of the most prominent evangelical leaders in the political arena stated that the battle is lost.  After enlisting the church as an arm of political activism, he has concluded that little has been accomplished in three decades.  I believe this realization is excellent news.

Capitol Ministries represents the biblical alternative to the Religious Right movement.  Rather than moralizing the culture via legislation, we provide the church with an evangelistic method of reaching the hearts of our political leaders.

Evangelism is the mission of the church as it relates to the world (Matt. 28:18-20).  When churches move from this theological mooring, the culture war shifts from transforming hearts to enforcing morals.  The foundation of biblical theology moves to political pragmatism, the gospel suffers, and Christ's kingdom fails to be advanced....

Rather than the superficial pursuit of changing morality, Scripture mandates the church to aim for the heart - preach the gospel.  What was the fruit of this focus?  Acts 17:6 states that the church of the first century "turned the world upside down."  In a few years and on a meager budget, the early church accomplished what modern evangelicals have not.  What is strking is that they did it by employing biblical methodology - one many churches today have sidelined.

What will fill the void of a defeated Religious Right movement?  Hopefully the Lord will use this realization to lead the church towards the mandate of evangelizing political leaders.

Their website (www.capmin.org) is presently being renovated, but I hope you will join me in praying for their success.