Introducing Genesis in Blog Posts

This is the genesis of what I hope to be a long-running, continuous series of posts. To correspond with my current Sunday evening sermon series in Genesis, I would like to make a series of blog posts. My aim is to post a summary of the sermon with appropriate application, go deeper into issues not covered in the sermon, and explore people and actions in a deeper manner. By doing these things, I can explore the history of redemption as it unfolds in Genesis both in word and print. The task of preaching or teaching through a book like Genesis is daunting given the hot-button issues of creation as well as some of the strange behavior by the patriarchs. The blog posts will aid me in this task so that I can further elucidate passages by going a bit deeper in explanation or pointing to further reading. I will attempt to answer legitimate questions to the best of my ability. I hope that this undertaking will help you as you seek to hear and apply the Word of God. So, feel free to comment or ask questions in response to the posts.