More Resources for Learning Reformed Catechisms

The White Horse Inn interviews Dr. Packer and Dr. Parrett (authors of the forth-coming book, Grounded in the Gospel) on the issue of the importance of catechesis in the local church.  This is an important interview as it addresses the question of how the church equips its young people with the truths of biblical doctrine. Listen here.

During the interview, Dr. Packer challenges us to relearn the Bible through catechesis with these words:

We today in the evangelical community are far further out of sync with Christian discipling in the first century and the apostolic age than we have any idea.  We claim to be Bible people, we talk a lot about the Bible, whereas they, in the first century, drilled people in Bible doctrine.  We simply don't do that....  We simply aren't close enoough to Bible doctrine, Bible truth, even to the Bible text, to really have the right to call ourselves evangelical Bible people.

Also - yet another book to help us learn the Reformed Catechisms.  In God's School: Foundations for a Christian Life.

In his preface Dr. Marcel writes, "Our knowledge of salvation can never be more than the Word of God, or such as God has revealed in the Holy Scriptures."  Wow, a better motivation to study biblical doctrine cannot be imagined!