The Chicken or the Egg?

"Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"  The question has befuddled the minds of philosophers and school children alike for centuries.  Even philosophical greats such as Aristotle and Plato wrestled with the question.  And at last we have an answer.  Using a supercomputer by the name of HECToR, British scientists have solved the dilemma.  The chicken came first.

By analyzing proteins essential to egg formation, scientists (with HECToR's help) have concluded that the only way a chicken egg can possibly be formed is through a chicken.  You can read about their findings in this article from CBS News.

The article concludes with a humorous ending:

In spite of HECToR's hard work and the "scientific proof" it yielded, the study offered no explanation as to how the chicken got there in the first place.  If not from an egg, perhaps it just came from across the road.

I appreciated the study and the humor at the end of the article.  Most of all I appreciated the acknowledgment that science simply cannot answer every question.  As Christians we know that the chicken didn't just come from across the road.  It came from God who spoke all things into existence, even chickens (see Genesis 1:20-22).

Good scientists know that science cannot answer every question.  Nobel Laureate Sir Peter Medawar points this out in his book Advice to a Young Scientist: "There is no quicker way for a scientist to bring discredit upon himself and upon his profession than roundly to declare - particularly when no declaration of any kind is called for - that science knows, or soon will know, the answers to all questions worth asking, and that questions which do not admit a scientific answer are in some way non-questions....  The existence of a limit to science is, however, made clear by its inability to answer childlike elementary questions having to do with first and last things - questions such as: 'How did everything begin?'; 'What are we all here for?'; 'What is the point of living?'" (quoted by John Lennox in God's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? p. 41).

Certainly many of our atheistic scientist friends would do well to remember that science cannot answer every question.  But perhaps we as Christians need to be reminded of that as well.  While science may confirm our basic beliefs about God's creation (as in the case, I believe, of the chicken and the egg), science will never answer the most fundamental questions of human existence... "Why am I here?" for example.  For those types of questions we rely entirely on the special revelation that is found in God's Word.  Good science will indeed lead us to truth, but it can never lead us to saving truth.

Thus, while British scientists continue to plug away at discovering important truths with the aid of their super-computer HECToR (undoubtedly an important and worthwhile endeavor), we as God's people will continue to plug away at discovering important truth as well.  We have no HECToR to help us, but we do have the Holy Spirit to illumine our minds to the truths in God's Word.  And although science now has proven that the chicken has indeed come first, only we who are Christians know why the chicken is here to begin with - for the glory of our Creator God.

"For from him and through him and to him are all things.  To him be glory forever.  Amen" (Rom. 11:36).