May 21 - The End?

It's been a while since I've posted, so I figured I better post now since the world will end on May 21st - at least according to Harold Camping. As I mentioned on Sunday, Harold Camping and his Family Radio ministry having been working around the clock to get the word out that judgment day will begin on this coming Saturday. If you've heard the hubbub and are wondering how to make sense of such predictions, there is good help by way of Robert Godfrey and Albert Mohler.

Godfrey knew Camping personally and in a series of five posts offers tremendous personal insight into Camping's pathway to serious error. The first post can be found at the Westminster Seminary California blog here.

Albert Mohler offers a brief but helpful response here. For Christians tempted toward  mystery religions and hidden messages, Mohler's words below must be learned:

The Bible does not contain hidden codes that we are to find and decipher. The Bible has been given to us in order that we might know the truth, and the truth is clearly revealed in its pages. We are not to look for hidden patterns of words, numbers, dates, or anything else. The Bible’s message is plain and requires no mathematical computation for its understanding. The claim that one has found a hidden code or system in the Bible is an insult to the Bible as the Word of God.