The "Hot Pursuit of Sin" Ended by God's Effectual Call

I've often thought that if you want to read the Puritans, start with Thomas Watson - and maybe especially start with his A Body of Divinity. This book was the first ever published by The Banner of Truth Trust, and they encourage people to read Watson, in part, because of his writing style. Their back-cover endorsement says, "Watson conveys his thorough doctrinal and experimental knowledge of the truth in such an original, concise, pithy, pungent, racy, rich and illustrative style that he is rightly regarded as the most readable of the Puritans.

As Watson writes about God's effectual calling upon sinners, he says, "God calls them to glory, as if a man were called out of a prison to sit upon a throne." He continues, speaking of the necessity of thankfulness in light of God's effectual calling upon sinners:

Let such as are called be thankful to God for that unspeakable blessing. Be thankful to all the persons of the Trinity, to the Father's mercy, to the Son's merit, to the Spirit's efficacy. To make you thankful, consider, when you had offended God, he called you; when God needed you not, but had millions of glorified saints and angels to praise him, he called you. Consider what you were before God called you. You were in your sins.... When God calls a man by his grace, he finds him seeking after his lusts.... That God should call thee when thou wast in the hot pursuit of sin, admire his love, exalt his praise. Again, that God should call you, and pass by others, what mercy is this...! That God should pass by wise and noble persons, of sweeter disposition, acuter parts, guilty of less vice, and that the lot of free grace should fall upon you - oh astonishing love of God! (Thomas Watson, A Body of Divinity, pp. 224-225).

As I work in my study this hot July afternoon I find myself thanking God for Thomas Watson, but especially for the wonder of his effectual calling on my life today.