The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God

The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of GodSpring Quarter Adult Sunday School Taught by Pastor Aaron

The doctrine of God's love takes a special place of prominence throughout the Bible. God is love (1 Jn. 4:16); God abounds in steadfast love (Ex. 34:6); in love God predestined us for adoption (Eph. 1:4-5); and, God's steadfast love is better than life (Ps. 63:3). Few doctrines hold such a place of priority in the Bible.

Although prominent, the doctrine of God's love remains immeasurably complex and exceedingly difficult. How does God's love relate to his sovereignty and wrath? If God is love, why is there evil in the world? What does God's love require of us? How do we rightly love our enemies? How do we rightly love God?

Please join us as we explore these topics and more in this Sunday school.

Class Overview

  •  March 11 - Introduction: 10 Reasons why we must study God's love today.
  • March 18 - God Is Love: Developing a biblical theology of God's love.
  • March 25 - God's Love and God's Sovereignty: The passions of a God "without passion."
  • April 1 - God's Love and God's Wrath: The hatred of a loving God.
  • April 8 - God's Love and the Problem of Evil: If God is love, then why evil?
  • April 15 - The Commandment to Love: We love because he first loved us.
  • April 22 - Love and Forgiveness: The demands of love on our hearts
  • April 29 - Love and Our Enemies: A test case.
  • May 6 - Love and the Church: The submission and freedom of love.
  • May 13 - No class: Pastor Aaron on vacation.
  • May 20 - An Exposition on 1 Corinthians 13: Love never ends.
  • May 27 - An Exposition on Revelation 2:1-7: A love lost.
  • June 3 - Questions and Answers