Why Study Leviticus?

Last Sunday I began preaching through Leviticus for our Sunday evening worship. For the most part I dealt with a single question, “Why study Leviticus today?” Frankly, Leviticus can seem like one of the most irrelevant, strange, gross, dull, difficult, and demanding books in all of Scripture. From its bloody sacrificial ritual to its extensive regulations about bodily discharges, Leviticus truly is a strange book for modern minds. But it is most certainly essential, especially for the Christian today. Here are twenty reasons to study Leviticus (these were explored in a little more detail last Sunday night).

  1. Leviticus is the word of God.
  2. Leviticus provides some of the greatest moral instruction mankind has ever known.
  3. Leviticus shows us the glory and the wonder of meeting God in worship.
  4. Leviticus shows us that God cares how we worship – it shows us that God regulates our worship.
  5. Leviticus shows us that God is holy.
  6. Leviticus shows us that God is eternal and living.
  7. Leviticus shows us that God is personal.
  8. Leviticus shows us that God is powerful
  9. Leviticus shows us that God is righteous
  10. Leviticus shows us that God is sovereign.
  11. Leviticus shows us that God is gracious and good.
  12. Leviticus shows us that God is jealous.
  13. Leviticus shows us what it means to be a holy nation.
  14. Leviticus shows us that we are part of a community.
  15. Leviticus gives meaning to the incarnation of Christ and our subsequent union with him.
  16. Leviticus points us to heaven.
  17. Leviticus calls us to witness to the world about the glory and graciousness of God.
  18. Leviticus shows us the blessings of God’s gracious covenant.
  19. Leviticus, by its various outward symbols of purification and holiness, shows us the need for inner purification and holiness.
  20. Leviticus gives content and meaning to Jesus’ death on the cross.

I’ll be out of the pulpit in the evenings through February, so we’ll pick up our study in Leviticus in March. Until then go ahead and give Leviticus a good read – maybe give Hebrews a good read too – and let’s continue to devote ourselves to prayer, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and the life-giving power of the Word of God.