Book Briefs: Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp

Each year our Session reads and discusses one or two books together. We are currently reading this very demanding book by Paul Trip. Trip takes an honest look at ministry and addresses the many challenges and pitfalls that pastors, elders, and other ministry leaders face.

This book cuts to the heart as few others do. Trip is unrestrained in his examination of the many sins pastors can fall into: sins of pride, fear, idolatry, unfaithfulness, over-confidence, prayerlessness, self-glory, cold hearts, dishonesty, joylessness - the list goes on.

The big idea is this. Pastoral ministry is dangerous. The hazards are ever-present. But Jesus is sufficient to bring hope, life, and vitality, even to struggling and discouraged pastors and their ministries. I found this book hard, because it constantly exposes my sin. I found this book good, because it constantly expounds the gospel.

And by the way, this book isn't just for pastors and elders. It's for everyone who cares about those who care for the church. Read it. It will help you better pray for and care for your own pastors and elders. It will also challenge your heart in rich and rewarding ways.

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