Book Briefs: Let's Study Revelation by Derek Thomas


Derek Thomas, Let's Study Revelation

A study in Revelation can be difficult. I'm sure many Christians, overwhelmed by the prospect of navigating the myriad views, intricate theology, and complex details of the book, have given up before ever really starting. Derek Thomas understands this and he offers a very simple, easy-to-read guide to one of the most complex books in the Bible.

If you're hoping to start a study of Revelation on your own, start here. With tremendous care Thomas walks the reader through the big ideas in Revelation. Thomas is a professor and a pastor, and he knows how to explain even the most difficult passages in Revelation with potency and clarity.

There are a lot of bad books on Revelation filled with hype, misinformation, poor theology,  and even poorer exegesis. Worse yet, so many authors are so distracted by misguided speculations and conjecture about the last days that they altogether miss the great themes of Revelation, namely, the every-present grand picture of the Lord of Glory, Jesus the King, reigning in victory. Thomas knows that Revelation is ultimately about Jesus. He makes sure the reader knows it. And for that alone, this book would be a great addition to your library.