Life of Jesus

The Life of Jesus (Part 1): Spring 2013 Adult Sunday School

Taught by Pastor Aaron

A wise pastor once told me to never stray too far away from the gospel narratives of Jesus’ life. His point was both precious and profound. Jesus matters. He is “the first and the last” (Rev. 1:17), the exalted Son of God, the Word made flesh (John 1:14), the author of creation (Col. 1:16), the end and goal of our existence. There can be no more important topic of study than Jesus. Our lives are quite literally bound up in his. His life matters supremely.

Please join us this spring (and next fall) for a study of the life of Jesus. We will cover far ranging topics, from the historic reliability of the gospels, to the emotional life of our Lord, to the profound theological implications of Jesus’ miracles. Most of all we’ll study Jesus with the goal of knowing our most precious Lord and Savior more.

  1. March 10: Class Introduction
  2. March 17 : (Pastor Aaron on study leave. Chris Savage teaching.)
  3. March 24: Real or Ruse? The Historic Reliability of the Gospels
  4. March 31: (Easter Sunday. Chris Savage teaching.)
  5. April 7: (Pastor Aaron on vacation. Chris Savage teaching.)
  6. April 14: The Word Became Flesh: Understanding the Incarnation
  7. April 21: In The Fullness of Time: The Birth of Jesus
  8. April 28: Prepare Ye the Way: The Ministry of John the Baptist
  9. May 5: Out of Egypt: Jesus as the True Israel
  10. May 12: The Early Ministry and Calling Disciples
  11. May 19: Proclaiming the Kingdom of God
  12. May 26: The Sermon on the Mount
  13. June 2: Jesus' Mighty Works

The Life of Jesus class will resume in the fall.

The Life of Jesus (Part 2)

  1. September 8: Conspiring to Destroy Jesus: Jesus’ Opponents
  2. September 15: Who Do You Say I Am? The Identity of Jesus
  3. September 22: Jesus Wept: The Emotional Life of Jesus
  4. September 29: The Gathering Storm: Jesus Enters Jerusalem
  5. October 6: Woe to You Blind Guides! Confrontations in Jerusalem
  6. October 13: Wars and Rumors of Wars: Jesus’ Apocalyptic Teaching
  7. October 20: A Hard Rain Falls: A Last Meal, Prayer, and Kiss
  8. October 27: Like a Lamb Led to the Slaughter: The Cross of Christ
  9. November 3: The Empty Tomb: Raised in Victory!
  10. November 10: Believing the Unbelievable Truth: Jesus’ Post-Resurrection Appearances
  11. November 17: Until His Enemies Shall Be Made a Footstool: Jesus’ Ascension and Reign
  12. November 24: (open class)
  13. December 1: (open class)