Book Briefs: Mars Hill Audio


This week's book brief is not a book at all (sorry), it is instead a bimonthly audio journal called Mars Hill Audio. Mars Hill Audio is produced by Ken Meyers. In each edition Meyers engages in conversation with numerous authors and scholars about the intersection of Christianity with a wide variety of cultural  endeavors. Usually, the context of the discussion is grounded in a recently released book by the scholar. The journal has frequently introduced me to important and helpful books.  

I have benefited greatly from the discussions on Mars Hill Audio for many, many years, and I look forward to each new addition. You can hear samples of what the journal is all about in their "free cd bonus selections" page. Although their website is not really up-to-date, the journal itself is always top-notch, relevant, and stimulating. You can subscribe via mp3 ($30/year) or cd ($48/year).

Here's how they describe the journal:

MARS HILL AUDIO is committed to assisting Christians who desire to move from thoughtless consumption of contemporary culture to a vantage point of thoughtful engagement. We believe that fulfilling the commands to love God and neighbor requires that we pay careful attention to the neighborhood: that is, every sphere of human life where God is either glorified or despised, where neighbors are either edified or undermined. Therefore, living as disciples of Christ pertains not just to prayer, evangelism, and Bible study, but also our enjoyment of literature and music, our use of tools and machines, our eating and drinking, our views on government and economics, and so on.
We endeavor to encourage sensibilities and habits of thoughtful cultural engagement through creative audio resources, produced at our studio in rural central Virginia. Our primary resource is a bimonthly series of audio programs called the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal. Each program is ninety minutes long, consisting of ten- to fifteen-minute interviews with a variety of guests on a broad array of topics.