The Meaning of Sex


 Our next adult Sunday School - starting March 9:

The sexual landscape of our world has changed dramatically in recent days. A revolution is afoot, and the goal is to redefine how we think about marriage, family, gender, human freedom, and the very nature of man. These are not small matters best left to private choices behind closed doors. Rather, these are public matters of enormous significance. Our civilization is in crisis.

In this class we will reflect on the meaning and purpose of sex and human relationships. We will, in short, explore a theology of sex that is deeply rooted in God's ultimate purposes for mankind. Sex exists for the glory of God. As we celebrate the gift of sex properly conceived, we will also consider how to carefully respond to the sexual revolution of our present age.

 1)      March 9: Class Introduction

2)      March 16 : A Theology of Marriage

3)      March 23: A Theology of Sex

4)      March 30: A Theology of Gender

5)      April 6: A Theology of Singleness

6)      April 13: Sexual Sin

7)      April 20: Homosexuality (part 1)

8)      April 27: Homosexuality (part 2)

9)      May 4: Special Issues Relating to Marriage (whom to marry; family planning; divorce)

10)   May 11: The Song of Solomon

11)   May 18: Sex and the Public Square