Ongoing Studies at Calvin

Just a reminder to our members - and anyone else who may be interested - we are currently offering a wide variety of study opportunities throughout the week!

  • Women's Monday Bible Study (7:15 PM) - Gospel of Mark
  • Women's Wednesday Bible Study (9:45 AM) - What Jesus Demands from the World (book by John Piper)
  • Men's Monday Bible Study (7:15 PM) - Galatians: Living in Line with the Truths of the Gospel
  • Covenant Life, Wednesdays (6:00 PM) - The Ten Commandments study and dinner.
  • Adult Sunday School (9:00 AM) - Studies on Creation
  • And (yes Carol, thanks!), lest we forget, our small group ministries, third Friday of every month, 7:00 PM - Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges.

A "Men's Retreat" for Real Men (current and aspiring)

This weekend is our annual men's retreat - a wonderful time of playing hard and hearing what the Word of God says to men and boys in particular.  I look forward to it with great anticipation and thankfulness. The most recent PCA Christian Education magazine Equip had a brief article on the importance of a strong men's ministry in the church.  Here's just a paragraph from that article:

Our sons need to grow up in churches where men have an identifiable presence as a band of brothers committed to being warriors in the spiritual battle together.  They need to see in the men's ministry that the church is a place for men; and their masculine longings to compete, to be a warrior, to win, to take the hill for their commanding officer are fulfilled in their calling to follow Christ.  They need to be around men in the church who remind them that we are called by God to participate in nothing less than His grand plan of redemption for the universe, following King Jesus in the conquest of this entire world, spreading His kingdom geographically to the ends of the earth and spiritually to the very gates of hell itself.  Our passion as His followers is to see all of life redeemed, across the globe, for His honor and glory.  Our calling is to something a little bigger than being a nice guy.

John Frame to Speak at New Hope PCA (Monroeville)

From our sister church, New Hope (PCA) in Monroeville:

An Evening with John Frame

November 8, 2008

7:00 PM

Dr. Frame is a Pittsburgh native and long time friend of Covenant Church. His wife, Mary is the daughter of Covenant's founding pastor, Calvin Cummings. He holds the J.D. Trimble Chair of Systematic Theology and Philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando. He is a preeminent scholar and theologian, a prolific writer, and an accomplished pianist.

We are honored to welcome John and Mary to our celebration on Saturday, November 8. Dr. Frame will share insights into Reformed Theology and its continuing relevance in our world and will also be the first to play our new grand piano as part of our celebration.

Please do not miss this opportunity to share with us the love that God has lavished upon our congregation as we strive to become a single family of believers unified in our love for each other and for the Lord.

Veritas Forum Comes to the University of Pittsburgh

The Veritas Forum is coming to the University of Pittsburgh, Oct. 15 and Nov. 12.  They say:

The Veritas Forum at the University of Pittsburgh seeks to explore the possibility of truth, beauty and goodness in every aspect of our academic and personal lives. The forum is an opportunity for the entire university community to explore and discuss life's hardest questions together. By asking the pressing questions on campus and answering them with respected university voices, we hope to engage the entire university in fruitful discussion.

We, the planners of the forum, are inspired by the idea that Jesus Christ has something relevant to offer our modern university in its search for knowledge, truth and significance. We welcome and honor skeptics and their questions, and even bring some of our own. The Forum is not meant to be a typical academic exchange of abstract and unembodied ideas. Rather, it should come out of real community earnestly exploring questions of real importance.

FALL 2008 SCHEDULE Wednesday, October 15
Is Physician-Assisted Suicide Ever Justified? 12:10 PM, LR-3 Scaife Hall. Refreshments served at noon. Robert Orr, M.D., C.M. Consultant on Clinical Ethics at the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity Winner of the AMA Isaac Hayes and John Bell Award for Leadership in Medical Ethics
Wednesday, November 12 Finding God Beyond Harvard: The Quest for Veritas
12:10 PM, A-115 Public Health Building. Refreshments served at noon. Kelly Monroe Kullberg Author of Finding God at Harvard and Finding God Beyond Harvard Founder of The Veritas Forum.

For more information, see