Justification: Eschatological and Irreversible

From J.V. Fesko's very good book, Justification: Understanding the Classic Reformed Doctrine, this paragraph that speaks a very encouraging word in regards to the believer's justification.

For the one united to Christ by faith, this means he passes through the eschatological wrath of God the Father, not on the last day, but in Christ's crucifixion; Christ bears the wrath of the final judgment on behalf of those who look to him in faith.  The believer is judged in Christ in the present, but that judgment is eschatological and final.  Additionally, when the believer is declared righteous through faith alone in Christ alone, that declaration is final; it is eschatological and irreversible.  Just as the wrath of the final judgment comes into the present in the crucifixion of Christ, so too the eschatological declaration of righteousness, the believer's justification, is a present reality (p. 105).

Good news indeed!